Niall McNamara Physiotherapy Cotgrave Nottingham providing hands on physio treatment for low back pain
Niall McNamara Physiotherapy Cotgrave Nottingham providing hands on physio treatment for neck pain

Welcome to Niall McNamara Physiotherapy

Niall McNamara Physiotherapy provides expert professional and personable hands on physiotherapy services in and around Nottingham.

My aim is to provide affordable high quality physiotherapy to everyone regardless of age, exercise level or sporting/non sporting interest.

The philosophy behind my treatment approach has been developed from working both professionally and clinically in elite sports. Ensuring a bespoke multifaceted treatment approach, I am committed and passionate about improving your pain, achieving your goals and getting you back to better health.


Common issues I treat include neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder and elbow injuries, hip pain, knee and ankle injuries, arthritis, pre and post operative rehabilitation. 

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cotgrave,

What We Do
Hands On Physio

As well as providing a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your goals, I pride myself on delivering high standards of hands on physiotherapy, combining a variety of techniques to get you back to better health fast.

Rapid Response

Your treatment will begin on your first session to ensure we use the time effectively so that we get you out of pain and achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Out Of Hours

Late evening and weekend appointments are available to ensure you have a convenient time that is flexible to meet your needs.

Home Visit Physio

For those with a hectic lifestyle, we can also deliver the same high standard physiotherapy skills in the comfort of your own home (or place of work, gym or sports club).


review 1.png

Absolutely fantastic service recieved from Niall today after I pulled my back. Niall saw me at short notice for a sports massage, the booking system on the website is quick and easy to use and also sets a calendar appointment for you.

At the appointment, Niall was friendly and very professional. He talked me through every step of what he was doing. He checked my movements at the start, periodically during and at the end of the appointment. Post the appointment, I very quickly recieved an email of further exercises and other things I can do to help my recovery.

I would definitely recommend Niall McNamara Physiotherapy.

review 2.png

Had a session with Niall, absolutely fantastic treatment. Highly recommended Niall to all.

review 3.png

Seen Niall many times and wouldn’t go anywhere else for my sports injuries, can’t recommend him enough.

review 4.png

Excellent treatment for a persistent hip injury. Very professional and really helped ease constant pain. Very thorough and complete aftercare follow up. Can't recommend highly enough!

review 5.png

Had been suffering with my low back pain for months before seeing Niall at Cotgrave for physio. Not only did he get me pain free again after others couldn’t, but he was also able to get me back in the gym lifting heavy!! #newphysioforlife

review 6.png

I’ve seen Niall many times over the years with severe trauma injuries. His knowledge and treatment is impeccable and after travelling the country to see supposedly the best, Niall is by far in a league of his own

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